Other Collectible Products

The broad popularity of the 50 State Quarter Program resulted in a large number of different collectible products created for both coin collectors and the mass market. This included some products sold directly by the United States Mint as well as some officially licensed products created and sold by private companies.

The United States Mint offered many basic types of products consisting primarily of the coins in different packaging or formats. These products included numismatic bags and roll of quarters, which provided a way for collectors to acquire quantities of each new design directly from the US Mint. The bags and rolls were typically offered for sale to coincide with the circulation release of each quarter. Other numismatic products included Proof State Quarters, which were included in annual proof sets or separate five coin proof sets including all of the quarters issued for the year.

Some US Mint products stepped outside the bounds of traditional formats. Within this realm, the First Day Coin Covers (Buy on eBay) including the 50 State Quarters were one of the most popular. This product incorporated two quarters from the first day of production at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints mounted on a card that was stamped and cancelled on the first day of circulation release.

Another popular offering was for 50 State Quarters Spoons, which mounted a quarter on the handle of a collector spoon. Both the coin covers and spoons were available for the entire ten year duration of the series and make an impressive display for a complete collection.

Another somewhat popular offerings was the 50 State Quarters Greetings from America portfolio or cards. These included the quarter along with the corresponding Greetings from America stamps from the United States Postal Service. These were also offered for the entire duration of the series, with the later years sometimes difficult to find.

The United States Mint offered coin and die sets for some State Quarters (Buy on eBay). These included defaced production dies with a numbered certificate of authenticity and example of the State Quarter. These dies had been used at the Philadelphia or Denver Mint for the actual production of coins.

Finally, some more obscure offerings from the US Mint included the quarters incorporated into jewelry or other items. These offerings included paperweights, watches, and golf divot tools, which were often promoted for gift giving occasions around the holidays.

Due to the popularity of the State Quarters Program, many private companies also created and offered products incorporating the coins. These took the form of privately packaged sets of quarters, sometimes plated in gold or colorized. Some firms also offered specially packaged rolls of uncirculated coins for each release. Once again, the quarters were also incorporated into some unexpected products, which have included Christmas ornaments, bears, or beanie babies. The proliferation of State Quarters collectible products reached its peak a few years into the program and declined by the conclusion.